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So it now appears in the constellation of Pisces. And in about it will be in the constellation of Aquarius. That's almost a whole star sign. We don't notice this shift on Earth because it is so slow, and the date of the equinox stays the same due to the addition of leap years into our calendars. So, Capricorns, the Sun is now in Sagittarius in the real world — handy to know if you're underwhelmed by your new year's predictions. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC.

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Learn more. Space Nature Humans Technology Programs. ABC Science. By Genelle Weule. Getty Images: Jason Langley. How well do you know the zodiac? Zodiac constellations sit behind the path taken by the Sun as seen from Earth. How the sky works.

Shifting equinox a problem for star signs

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Turkey strikes Kurdish supply route ahead of move on Syrian position. Imran has a 'ghost stop' outside his house, but the bus never comes.

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Trump bans US ambassador to EU from testifying in impeachment inquiry. Twitter may have saved this man's life in NSW fires.

When Anita's ex left a furious voicemail, she wanted him to end it. The judge saw something different. A broken back, a stroke and a five-year fight for answers. Analysis: Why renters are turning to cupcakes to snare a home. The new 'boat people'? How Labor's focus on air arrivals only hints at new immigration challenge. Sport Olyroos captain and three teammates face possible sanctions after night out in Cambodia. You might not notice that the other party cops an attitude. Tonight: Head home early. Screen calls. Others could be highly energized. A meeting could be animated, to say the very least.

A project could take on a new life; a discussion between you and another party finally produces a myriad of ideas. If you feel that the odds are stacked in your favor, take a risk.

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Tonight: With people -- just not alone. You note that tension continually builds around you. Others seek you out for advice. Some people want you to take a more active lead in a mutual concern. Know that how you feel today might change in a few days. Tonight: A force to be dealt with. You might suddenly see a situation, person or project in a new light. Although you might want to act immediately, hold out for a few days; see whether your insight remains applicable.

Recognize that this new insight could involve pursuing a new course. Tonight: Off to the movies. Break past the obvious conclusions. Like most people, you've worked within a certain framework. An event or discussion encourages breaking past a self-imposed restriction. This situation might involve a partner or financial matter. Tonight: Be a duo. You like stability and plans; however, you're likely to get just the opposite at present. A loved one or several close associates might be unusually emotional. Regarding plans, be fluid. Plans could easily fall to the wayside.

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Tonight: Just be an observer. This, too, will change. Be more forthright in your choices. What comes forward is a health or work issue. You might need to reconstruct your plans or decide on a new course.

Don't fight the inevitable. Tonight: Enjoy the moment. Today's New Moon could draw circumstances that delight you to no end. You feel as though you've been given a second choice. Don't take the situation as fait accompli; much could change in the next few weeks. Tonight: Letting your hair down. You do not have permission to post comments. Please contact customersupport torstar. Register Login. Opinion PM.

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