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Having more than you need translates to the ability to help others. Kalsang is associated with the Buddhist community in Las Vegas. For more information about his next visit or Buddhist activities, call Also visit the website of the Lohan School of Shaolin. This will help you with that blueprint of life I talked about earlier in the article. Jhampa , as he is known to his associates, will give counsel and recommendations for appropriate courses of action and antidotes to alleviate obstacles.

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Charlesstila: hOur company provides herbal health products. Visit our health contributing site in case y Flick r Photos. Thubten Choling is situated on Vancouver Island in the city of Duncan.

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A meditation hall is on one acre of land, with a residence, and visitor's suite. An Enlightenment Stupa graces the slope facing the center.

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It was consecrated by monks and nuns from all four Tibetan sects on September 24th, An assembly of lay people from the mainland and Vancouver Island celebrated the consecration with prayer and feasting. The stupa was specially dedicated to help people suffering from illnesses, including AIDs and cancer. Teachings are available on basic Buddhist principles. Stephen Coger, a member of the organization, said he organized the event just in the last couple of weeks.

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The presentation touched on the fields of medicine, astrology, philosophy and astronomy, according to the press release. He completed a full course of study and six years of training in Tibetan studies with an emphasis on traditional Tibetan astronomy, astrology, medical astrology and Buddhist philosophy. He has been on the staff of Tibetan Medical and Astrological Institute and was one of the senior lecturers, according to the press release. At the presentation, Kalsang said that Tibetan medicine was years old and fundamentally based on Buddhist principles.

They believe that the main cause for disease is ignorance. Kalsang defined astroscience as "the ancient art of calculation and interpretation of celestial phenomena. It's all you. For example, once your life is in danger, it is good to save some one whose life is also in danger," Kalsang said. Astro-science is classified into two categories: elemental astrology Byung-rtsis, in Tibetan and astronomy Kar-rtsis , and the Tibetan style is drawn from the teachings of neighboring countries such as India, China, Persia and Greece in synthesis with the philosophy of Buddhism to create a uniquely Tibetan system.

It uses different kinds of ingredients such as herbs, trees, rocks, resins, soils, precious metals, saps, etc. However, 95 percent of Tibetan medicine is based on herbs and precious metals are used for the seven kinds of precious pills known as "Rinchen riplo," Coger said. In Tibet, if someone is sick and cannot get to a doctor, they send their closest relative, like a father sending a son, to see the doctor.

The doctor will take the son's pulse and prescribe medicine to treat the father. Kalsang has offered two-day workshops in pulse reading, but he says it takes much time and patience, while people expect results in two days, he said. A tantra is an image passing for many years. People can reach enlightenment by just studying one tantra diligently.


The Ghud Zhsi is the root tantra or principle text consisting of chapters divided into main sections.