January 6 weekly horoscope

And to advocate for your own well-deserved raise If you had plans to travel, they might get delayed or derailed.

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If you thought you were staying put, you may suddenly end up having to fly to San Francisco with a layover in Chicago. Your status quo will be disrupted somehow, and it will be a pain. The cause could be anything—moving, changing jobs, a secret you spill, pregnancy, a new shared hobby—but it will mark a new chapter in your relationship. That should soothe any growing pains you feel about adjusting to a new routine Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn.

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January 6 weekly horoscope according to your star sign.

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Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

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Weekly Horoscope: December 31 - January 6

Please enter a valid email address The emails have been sent. Please consider subscribing to PureWow. Sign up for PureWow to get more daily discoveries sent straight to your inbox. Big changes are in the wings but they will not necessarily become immediately obvious. An important shift is occurring within, working its way out to shine your light into the world. Speak up, be brave and ignore the naysayers. Do you. An event or announcement that comes out of the blue may not be all that it seems. Avoid conflict by simply stating your views and then allow the information to sink in.

Spiritual Zundayz (weekly astrology horoscopes) - Episode 2: January 6-12

You may not realise it but the power lies in your court with the Sun and Pluto cheering you on. Hold your head up high and have the confidence to push your point.

Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the Week of January 7

The travel bug bites hard when La Luna tantalises your sector of foreign connections. If you have just returned from an overseas jaunt, you are probably already planning your next escape. Either way, you yearn to put your feet up on the couch and watch reruns of your favourite TV show this week.

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Chill out Libra. Give in to temptation and add a bowl or two of ice-cream for the ultimate indulgence. Venus is making her last hoorah in your sign, reminding you of your financial agenda. Sagittarians that have been feeling insecure about their body image are promised a confidence boost when sexy Venus glows in their sign.

If you resist, you may be in for a fight. New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. See the beauty in what once was to help you embrace better future prospects with grace. If a job promotion is up for grabs, go for it! A frenemy might try to stand in your way by attempting to tarnish your reputation but their words will fall on deaf ears.